Mind-Reading and More


Suspense, mystery, romance, and… mind-reading? "The Other Girl" mixes all of these elements into one book.

Suspense, mystery, romance, and… mind-reading? "The Other Girl" mixes all of these elements into one book. The sequel to "Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn," the story of Molly McGarry's life at Midvale, a fancy prep school, continues. She has a wonderful first boyfriend, her roommate finally doesn't hate her, and she is in her boyfriend's head. Or, to be more precise, she can read her boyfriend's mind. Which is probably why she and Gideon Rayburn are the perfect couple. Nobody knows that she's inside his head. When Gideon, Molly, and two of Gideon's friends get caught in the school chapel before 8 o'clock in the morning, Molly's punishment is creating and participating in an Academic Tete-a-Tete group. If she participates in this group, she will get a scholarship to Harvard, the school she wants to attend, and she'll avoid trouble. However, right before spring break, she sees an image inside of Gideon's head of another girl; she knows then that their relationship is over.


She goes to visit her parents' house alone over spring break, leaving Gideon confused as to what he did to make Molly break up with him. This is just the perfect time for beautiful, self-conscious Pilar Benitez-Jones to enter the picture. She's had a crush on Gideon ever since he came to Midvale. She flirts with him every chance she gets, and finally she has him. The only problem is that in a game of spin-the-bottle, when Pilar and Gideon kiss, Molly gets stuck in Pilar's head. Hearing the thoughts of a vain, French-accented girl is very annoying to Molly, especially when she obsesses over her flat stomach and how fat she feels. So, how does she get out? She Googles the answer and "meets" Stanley Whitmeyer, an expert on the subject of being in someone's head. She chats with him asking for help.


When she gets back to Midvale, she sets about asking people to join the ATAT team. Her roommate, Edie, gladly helps and with her help, they pull together a team consisting of guys, Sergei, Dan, Mickey, Devon, and Nicholas. Soon, Gideon is Pilar's boyfriend. They fall deeply in love at a dinner with Pilar's parents. It hurts Molly to see Gideon falling for Pilar out of Pilar's eyes. She decides to tell Edie about her special "power" and Edie agrees to help Molly. They slip Pilar her favorite dessert to make her feel "fat" in Pilar's mind. This way, she won't invite Gideon over. Pretty soon, she makes up her mind and does invite Gideon over. When they kiss, Molly ends up back in Gideon's mind. Soon after, she ends up in Pilar's mind once more.


With ATAT, Molly's team is winning, even with a team consisting of guys who are almost always drunk or on drugs most of the time. However, they think better that way. Pretty soon, the team is up against an all-boys prep school that is very smart and quick-thinkers.


After giving it some thought, they decide to add Pilar to their team. She might just confuse the boys with her beauty and despite the fact that she is very slow, she is still somewhat smart. The combination of Pilar's beauty and smarts wins Molly the ATAT and another chance to redeem herself at prep school and a chance at a scholarship. These questions still remain: Will she break up Pilar and Gideon? Will she ever get out of Pilar's head?I'm not answering these questions for you, but this book will.


You can find this book at Barnes & Nobles, Borders, or any other bookstore. You don't need to read the first book to make sense of this one, but it probably would help you understand the backgrounds of the characters better and how they came to be where they are. I would recommend this book to high-schoolers and maybe 8th graders because some of this book's content is mature. Sarah Miller's style of writing pulled me in and I devoured this book from cover to cover.