A New Take on a Widly Spread Topic


Stephanie McMahon writes, Vampyres seem to show up in boks everywhere nowadays.

Vampyres seem to show up in boks everywhere nowadays. But in this series, vampyres are portrayed much differently. Zoey Redbird is a newly Markedfledgling in the frist book of The House of Night Sereis: Marked. In Zoey’s world, people have always known about vampyres and they live side by side humans. When Zoey is Marked she must make a choice to either move to The House of Night or die.Unfortuntely, Zoey’s decision is made for her when she suffers and unfortunate accident. When Zoey arrives at The House of Night she meets her mentor, Neferet, who teaches vamp sociology and is also a high priestess of the vampyre goddes Nyx, and her roomate Stevie Rae. Stevie Rae shows and tellsZoey all she needs to know about living in The House of Night, but what she can’t explain is why Zoey’s new arch enemy, Aphrodite, is so mean, or how super hot fifth former (or a junior in the high school you know) isn’t too good to be true. Besides Aphrodite, Zoey thinks her new life at The House of Night will be a peice of cake, but Zoey is dead wrong when she finds herself with the marks of an adult vampyre, not a fledgling, and gifts the no vampyre or fledgling has ever had. To top that all off, Zoey relizes that Aphrodite has goddess given gifts too, and she is using them horribly wrong. Knowing of Aphrodite’s lies, Zoey must look within herself and to her friends to find the courage to overpower the wicked Aphrodite and earn some rewards for herself in the proccess. Knowing secrets can be trouble, but at The House of Night they can be deadly.