Penguins Are Back, and Better Than Ever


Penguins of Madagascar, the new Nintendo DS game from Nickelodeon, is really fun.

Penguins of Madagascar, the new Nintendo DS game from Nickelodeon, is really fun. The game is based on the Penguins of Madagascar TV show (which is based on the Madagascar movie franchise from DreamWorks).


The goal of each mission is to guide all four penguins through a series of obstacles to a target, while taking advantage of each penguin's special abilities and collecting valuable snow cones. During a round, you can choose to pause the game, and return to the penguins' base. While at the base, you can visit Julian's Store, where various mini-games and cheats can be bought with snow cones. Among the cheats you can buy, one allows all of the level cheats to work, and another makes the penguins' jumps have a slower descent.


The mini-games are also lots of fun. In one, the point is to hit bowling pins, Mort, and other miscellaneous objects away from the penguins; you are trying to hit away a certain amount of pins in each stage while not missing too many, and getting killed. In the other mini-game, you are playing as Julian; your goal is to collect as many snow cones as possible, while trying to get as high as you can at the same time.


Although I like the game, I think that kids who haven't seen Madagascar or Penguins of Madagascar many not appreciate the game as much. The animation of this game is mediocre, and I am a bit surprised that a TV channel couldn't have better pictures. The music and sound is very repetitive, and I would advise that you keep the volume down of off. Even when this game hooks me, it isn't very addictive and something I would necessarily play for an extended amount of time.


Although this game is rated "E' for Everyone, I would recommend it to kids ages 8 to 13 because it is a bit to violent for younger children, and older kids may find the game boring and easy. Out of five stars, I would give this game a '3'.