Blossoms of Light-What a Sight!


Adam Hangland writes, This special Botanic Gardens event is an atom bomb of color.

This special Botanic Gardens event is an atom bomb of color. The blue, yellow, green, pink, and purple lights will blow your socks off. And the 3D glasses make the journey through what seems like Christmas Light Jungle all the more fun. It’s not just those though, there are awesome ice sculptures.You’re wondering what the 3D glasses look like? Well, they are like comfortable cardboard with lenses that make any of the lights look like snowmen, snowflakes, or reindeer, depending on what type of glasses you have. All the shapes are amazing!If you want to know where they put the lights keep reading. Most of the time you will see the brilliant lights craftily strung into the trees, but sometimes you will see them scattered over low shrubs. Personally, I like when they are scattered.Although they do string lights on the trees and low bushes, you might see a broader, flatter light shining on a tree or a bit of underbrush along the way.Lastly, there are perfectly carved ice sculptures while you are trekking along. Sometimes they are a bit melted but they’re ice, right?If you think this event sounds fun, head right over to the Denver Botanic Gardens because you won’t be able to find parking spaces if you lollygag around for even a second. I highly recommend going to the Blossoms of Light!