Know how to Make a Penny Fly?


Sophia Becker writes, If you’ve ever made a glider before…

If you’ve ever made a glider before, you’ll probably find that this isn’t much different than that, though it’s much simpler. My Grandpa, Dennis Kordes, was the one who taught me how to make these, and I’ve made them since I was in first grade. They are really fun crafts to make, and are safe to fly in the house. My Grandpa even told me this about them: ” . . .I figure each airplane costs less than five cents.” Everyone can enjoy this fun craft! How to Make Penny Planes You will need: a penny, a pen, a Styrofoam plate, a flathead screwdriver, a template, a pair of scissors, and some tape. Step 1: Trace the template onto your Styrofoam plate, poking the pen through the holes. Step 2: Cut off the extra plate around the edges of the Penny Plane template tracing. Step 3: Poke the end of the flathead screwdriver along the dotted lines of the template. Step 4: Gently pull apart the vertical stabilizer from the body of the plane. Step 5: Fit the slit in the body of the plane together with the slit in the vertical stabilizer. Tape the two together so that they stay together. Step 6: Tape a penny to the plane where it becomes a point on the front. Make sure the penny is secure. Move the elevons (in place of ailerons/elevators) up a little bit. Step 7: Personalize your plane with anything you like–but it’s not a good idea to use anything too heavy, it could mess up your plane’s flight. Step 8: Hold the airplane from the vertical stabilizer underneath the body of the plane, point the nose upward a little bit, and give the plane a gentle push into the air (or wind, if you’re outside). Tips from my Grandpa on penny planes: ” . . .Hefty 8.8 inch Foam Plates seem to work best.” “I have omitted the tab over the penny, and also omitted the ‘rudder’ tab from the vertical stabilizer . . . . . . but when I make as many as I do [about 20] , it helped to eliminate those two items from the template, as they made no difference for flying the gliders.” Thanks so much to my Grandpa for showing me how to make these fantastic planes! This is the link to the site where my Grandpa found out how to make these is this: