A New Way To Read!


Stephanie McMahon writes, Lots of people love to read…

Lots of people love to read, but a lot of them don’t want to spend their money and buy books and it can take forever to get them from the library so people can’t read their favorite books. Well now there is an easier way. The NOOK by Barnes and Noble gives you a fast and easy way to read your favorite books. The NOOK costs about 150 dollars with wi-fi and about 200 dollars with 3G plus Wi-Fi. All you have to do is click on shop, search for your book and click buy, it’s that easy, but you do need to have wi-fi connectivity in your home to connect to the Barnes and Nobleonline shop. You also need to have a Barnes and Noble account with a valid credit card. Almost all new books are $9.99 but for something like the digital set of all four Twilight books, it is much more expensive. Some books are free and some are priced at a dollar or a $1.50.The books are priced at much lower prices than a normal book store and there are a bunch of free books you can get too. If you think there is a book that you want to read but you don’t know if it is worth your time, you can search for it and get a free sample of the book. There is also a way to get downloadable books from the library on a NOOK. Just go to the library website, click on the Downloadables button in the right hand corner and watch the instructional videos on how to download the free software to get the library books that are in digital form. I love to read and I have already made great use of my NOOK. If you love to read too I definitley recommend the NOOK as a great way to read your favorite books.