An Inauguration Experience


By attending the Governor's Inauguration, I felt more a part of Colorado than just being born and living here.

By attending the Governor's Inauguration, I felt more a part of Colorado than just being born and living here. There is a lot I could write about, but I'm just going to give my favorite parts and the highlights of January 11, 2011. In weather registering at a low of 4 degrees and with choirs singing in the background, people coccooned in winter gear, gathered from all over Colorado to watch the 42nd Governor of the state get sworn into office. John Hickenlooper and other the cabinet members, including Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia and Secretary of the State, were sworn into office on January 11, 2011. There were a few blunders, such as people not knowing where to stand, or forgetting to put their hand on the bible, or losing their place in a speech, which made the whole thing seem more realistic.


The first to speak of the newly sworn in cabinet members was Lt. Gov. Garcia. I liked that his top priority is going to be education. Garcia said that young people are our "most valuable resource", and should be "motivated to learn". Once Mayor Hickenlooper became Governor Hickenlooper, he gave his speech, starting with the statement that Coloradans are "Not daunted by the cold weather." Hickenlooper's top priority is creating jobs. His second goal is "world class" education for the young people of Colorado. Another objective Hickenlooper has in mind is to preserve the natural beauty of the state. He says he enjoys the "extraordinary beauty and diversity of Colorado" and will take a four day trip around the state.


Following the inauguration, my fellow reporter and I attended a luncheon held in honor of the 9 "My Colorado" contest winners. The "My Colorado" contest had students in grades K-12 to enter works of art telling or showing what Colorado meant to them. Songs, drawings, dioramas, piano compositions, posters, essays, pictures, and paragraphs were entered in the contest. We got a chance to interview a few of the winners.


Kenna Thomsen, a 4 th grader from Windsor, created a clay diorama of places in Colorado. Her diorama included the state animal, bird, tree, flower, flag, and a car on a road. She prefers colored clay and likes to write. Gabriella Leone, a 5th grader from Fowler, drew a picture of a sunset. She said she was inspired by all the sunsets she sees and the different perspectives on why people love Colorado.


Tabor Scholl, an 8th grader Kremmling, wrote an essay about Grand County. She likes to write essays. Her favorite part of where she lives is the snow and the mountains. Gus Gill, an 8th grader from Merino, wrote several poems about Colorado and thinks that Colorado is a beautiful place. This is his first year that he has become interested in poetry.


Jack Dickson, a 12th grader from Lafayette, took photographs of different Colorado landscapes. He is very interested in photography. Jack thought the inauguration was interesting, but cold.


At the luncheon, there were several guest speakers who provided motivational advice to the students in attendance. Kyle Orton, quarter back for the Broncos, and Paula DuPre' Pesmen, who was the associate producer in the first 3 Harry Potters,were two of guest speakers. Jeremy Bloom, skier and football player, was another guest speaker. "Don't be scared to fail", he said as he talked about how he didn't win an Olympic gold medal. Bloom has a nonprofit organization that grants senior's (ages 60+) wishes. Dianne Reeves was another speaker. She loves the Rocky Mountains because they show that there are always new things on the horizon. Reeves says to "Stay ready so you don't have to be ready". Also, Governor Hickenlooper and Lt. Gov. Garcia spoke at the luncheon. Lt. Gov. Garcia told the students to do their very best in school and that "every diploma you earn is an a million dollar ticket." Governor Hickenlooper spoke about being committed to being positive, and that "Kids are 100% of our future."


I know that standing outside in 4 degree weather doesn't appeal to everyone, but if you have a chance, you should attend an Inauguration. It made me feel that there is more to Colorado then I thought there was, and I wouldn't have realized that if I hadn't attended the Governor's Inauguration.