A Farm Year: In Less Than Thirty Pages


Abe Lamontagne writes, Planting?

Planting? A huge feast? Does that sound like fun? You can learn all about life on a sustainable farm in “Up We Grow: A Year in the Life of a Small, Local Farm”. A sustainable farm is a farm that the farmers keep going without using any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. This book is divided into four parts: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each section talks about what they do in each time of year on the farm.In the spring, the people on the farm plant crops. Throughout the rest of the spring and summer, they care for the crops. In the fall, they harvest and sell at the farmers’ market. In the winter, they prepare again for spring. Want to find out more things they do? Read “Up We Grow!””Up We Grow!” asks the reader many questions. This helps kids talk about what they are reading. I think this book is best read to kids ages 3 to 7. The book’s interesting pictures are mostly of Glen Valley Farm in Canada.