The National Western Stock Show, A Denver Event


Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, At about this time every year…

At about this time every year, horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, donkeys, and their owners gather in one place for a few weeks of western festivities. This is the National Western Stock Show. I have been going to the stock show for almost all of my life. It was always exciting to dress up like a “cowgirl” and go see all of the animals. The National Western Stock Show is a great event for families.This past Saturday, I visited the Stock Show and saw a lot of the events from little children’s eyes. My mom and I went and brought our friends along who have two young girls.After waiting in the ticket line, our first stop was the petting zoo. This is always a favorite for children of all ages. Entrance to the petting zoo is free, but you have to pay for food if you want to feed the animals. The pen was filled with goats and sheep wandering around. Chickens, donkeys, and more goats sat in enclosed pens so you could see them. The petting zoo was crowded, but very fun.Next, we headed through the exposition fair of all “cowboy goods”. Most of the fair was filled with equipment for farms which was interesting to look at for the little ones, especially because they got to pretend to drive John Deere tractors. There were also lots of western themed clothes availably for purchase.On the third floor of the Stock Show is a level created especially for kids. There is a booth run by the wildlife service where kids can learn about animals and their tracks. There were also pony rides and a playground. At the end of the hall there are rabbits and chickens available for purchase, but plenty of people just like to look at them.The Stock Show also has a few performances that you can go see during the day for an extra fee. There is a rodeo and horse shows.The National Western Stock Show is definitely a fun event for all. It is very busy, but the experience is worth it. I would recommend it for all families. For more information on events and fees, you can visit