WANTED: A Broadway-wanna-be with empty calendars


Showcases are deceiving:

Showcases are deceiving:
Displaying healthy performers gallantly leaping before an attentive audience, their hair and makeup nearly achieving perfection, viewers often envision an average singer/actor's lifestyle as one involving glamour, unpredictability, and pure satisfaction. Broadway is especially overestimated.


Great expectations

Following the final applause of a sensational performance, only occasionally are you informed of the entertainers' highly unmanageable schedule,including 6-8 hours of excruciating rehearsals a day, 6 days per week, and a bare minimum of 4-6 weeks involved in thoroughly preparing for the incredibly tiresome 6-8 showcases per 7 days. Yeah-multiple self-centered, overpaid MCs carelessly conceal such appalling information, refusing to admit the ordinary lifestyle of which numerous actors unwillingly sacrifice. Truth be told, I've experienced a modified portion of the unbearable anxiety involved within daily Broadway showcases, for I've participated annually in Bound for Broadway summer camps at Colorado Academy, a local day camp providing adequate entertainment from 9 o'clock, until 3:30. I was bombarded with scripts and sheet music of incredibly frightening lengths, and a stress level, of which I remained unable to resolve, like the environmentally tragic oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico: Purely inevitable. So, yes: I've briefly suffered the abnormal levels of insanity throughout such strenuous camps– yes indeed.


Personal Opinions

The American society has obtained varied preferances regarding the difference between "overwhelming," and "tolerable,"justifying my incentive to conduct a brief survey: approximately 70% of questioned students, ages 10-13, claim that an average Broadway lifestyle consumes an unnecessary portion of precious time, and remark that the hours involved within this business remain redundant, and excessively demanding.


"If you think about it," Mackenzie Smith, a 7th grader attending Carmody Middle School, comments, " an average rehearsal is 4 extra hours than a regular school day–plus, you are singing, acting, and dancing throughout, which is even more tiresome! The performers are only allowed one day to spend with their families? That's insane!" However, the remaining 30% of questioned middle-schoolers view such hectic schedules as, well…unbelievably hectic, yet purposeful.


"It honestly depends," Natalie Bollig, another 7th grader, and current contributor of Your Hub,quotes, "because, I mean, the stars must be prepared for show deadlines, and although the rehearsal schedule is kind of unmanageable, they loved Broadway so much that they decided to be involved within this business; they must remain committed. If not able to handle the schedule, actors can audition for a supporting role, or understudy, and are therefore not required to attend all rehearsals."


Susan Egan, a prior, yet still popularly acclaimed Broadway superstar, actress, and concert performer, gradually developed a strong preference as well, admitting, " I LOVE theatre, but 8 shows a week with no breaks is really tough- I must always pace myself. But I'm one of those performers who loves repetition." I must honestly agree; abandoning the "American Dream" is often frowned upon among family men and Broadway stars alike, yet ultimately rewards the courageous performers who open their hearts to diverse opportunities.


Further insight

To examine Susan Egan's current concert schedules, or additional information discussing her life-long career, visit www.susanegan.net. Experience the indescribable sensations of viewing traveling Broadway acts as they annually appear at the Denver Center of the Performing Arts, located in Downtown Denver, near 16th Street Mall. Observe several theatrical performances, envision the immense effort of which such stars receiving little or no credit devote,and thoroughly develop a personal opinion: too hectic a lifestyle?