Which is better… skiing or snowboarding


The great debate

The great debate

Calling anyone who likes outdoor winter sports! Have you ever wanted to try skiing or snowboarding, but didn't know which one? Well, here is some information that might help you decide. Snowboarding is harder to learn, but skiing is harder to develop. Some days more people snowboard and other days more people ski. About eight hundred thousand people ski and snowboard. More people ski than snowboard, because snowboarding has not been around for as long of a time as skiing has. Most people that I know who ski don't want to try snowboarding because they don't like having their feet together, they like being able to move both their legs. Both skiing and snowboarding are similar in that you bend your knees and make wide turns as you go down the mountain.



I interviewed Josh Gibbs who has been snowboarding for 5 seasons.

Q. Josh, why did you choose snowboarding over skiing?

A. "Because it is more risky, challenging and it is fun to me."


Q. Do you think snowboarding is easier than skiing?

A." No, it is harder."


Q. Did you start out skiing?

A. "No, I started snowboarding when I was five."


Q. Would you like to start skiing?

A. "Maybe once or twice, but I wouldn't want to stop snowboarding."


Q. Do you think more people ski or snowboard?A

. "I think more people ski because it is the original thing."


Q. Is it hard to balance on a snowboard?

A. Yes it is.


I also interviewed Kyle Halingstad, who is an avid skier.

Q. Kyle, why did you choose to ski?

A. "Because it is easier and funner."


Q. Why do you think it is easier to ski?

A. "Because you get more balance from both skis."


Q. Would you like to try snowboarding?

A. Yes. It seems fun.


Q. Why does it seam fun?

A. "Because it's like skateboarding, and skateboarding is fun."


Q. Do you think more people ski or snowboard?

A. "Ski."


Q. Do you think most people start out skiing?

A. "Yes, because then you can learn to balance."


Q. You talk a lot about balance, are you a good balancer?

A. Yes.


Q. Is there anything else you want to say?

A. "Try skiing first."


My opinion

I think that skiing is lots easier because you can move both of your feet. But a snowboard is easier to get in and out of. I think that skiing is a good thing to start on because when you are starting you are so into learning how to start and stop that it is easier to have your feet separated, than together. I also know that when you ski or snowboard sometimes you need to go back up the mountain a little ways (if you drop something or whatever.) It is easier to go up the mountain in a snowboard than it is to on skis because all you have to do is un-clip one of your feet. But climbing up the mountain is as hard as trying to breathe under water, so I wouldn't suggest doing it.


The decision

Which ever sport you choose be sure to look up some more information before you start. I know the average lesson costs about: 173 dollars. That includes:The lift ticket, the lesson, renting equipment and lunch. I suggest you try going easy before you get good, so then you don't embarrass yourself on the slope. Blue and Green runs are the easiest. Even though I have been skiing for ten seasons I still go on some easy runs before I go on hard runs. I hope this information helps you find the winter sport that is best for you.


More information

I would suggest going to a ski resort, and talking to someone who is an instructor and have them answer all of your questions.