Criminals on Facebook??


Majority of people use Facebook more than 700 billion minutes a month. That's a lot!!

Majority of people use Facebook more than 700 billion minutes a month. That's a lot!! There are more than 500 active users and still somehow the Eagle police department managed to track down 30-year-old Daniel Arment who is wanted on five felonies due to burglary of 5 houses. Yikes!! The police contacted all 120 of his friends trying to find him and told them that Daniel was wanted on 5 felonies. Imagine getting a message from police saying one of your friends were wanted for some reason, I'd go ballistic!! Would you help them find your friend?


More than 200 active Facebook users are mobile which means that they are on Facebook twice the amount of non-mobile users. I wonder if that creates headaches. Police say that it would have been nearly impossible to find him with so many people living in the Front Range area. Now other police departments are realizing that Facebook is a crucial tool for catching criminals.


A lot of people use Facebook so can you imagine how many creepers are on there and half the time you don't even know. Something like this happened to my friend recently, some guy who was about 21 messaged my friend saying he wanted to talk because he couldn't sleep, but smartly she said no you're a stalker. She changed her status to Stranger Danger and listed the guy's name then reported him. Facebook is a dangerous place, a place for criminals to catch their victims so here are ways to be safe.



1. Don't accept people you do not know, they could be creepers.

2. Don't post personal information as your status.

3. Make sure that you have privacy settings.

4. Don't be afraid to report a weirdo.

5. Never agree to meet those people that you don't know.

6. Tell your parents if an unknown stranger contacts you.

7. Make sure your parents know that you have a Facebook and that they check your Facebook profile.

8. If somebody sends you a hurtful message, don't reply. Tell your parents or a counselor.

9. Don't give out any other person's personal information.

10. If you do accept a friend request of a person you do not know, do NOT give out information.

11. Don't be friends with famous people because most times they aren't real. But if they say they are real you can ask if they can post a picture of them outside a grocery store or on a trampoline, something that you can't find on the internet or paparazzi have. That way you know that they took it not some poser.

12. Don't post things that you wouldn't want your parents or other peers to see.


I hope you will follow this advice and be safe on Facebook because you never know who could be lurking nearby…. For more tips on how to be safe you can visit this link.