Justin Beiber: Are Haters Really Haters?


Are you a Belieber or a Hater? Whichever you are, have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself why?

Are you a Belieber or a Hater? Whichever you are, have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself why? Justin Beiber is a music phenomenon that has been brought to everyone's attention whether they like it or not. Justin Bieber rose to fame through the popular video sharing website Youtube. Since then he has sold millions of albums, traveled the world on tour and won numerous awards. None of these achievements would have been possible without the support of millions of fans. But not everyone who has heard of this the star likes him; in fact it seems that he has just as many anti fans as he does fans.


In an online poll, 64% of participants claimed to hate Justin Beiber while only 36% said they were his fan. But is this poll really accurate? Can peer pressure be contributing to the fact that millions of people claim to hate him? Is claiming to hate Justin Beiber the "cool" thing to do?How do you think he feels about being constantly ripped on, belittled and criticized for small things such as his hair or voice? I know that if I was in his position I wouldn't feel too good about it. Imagine having someone cyber bully, gossip about you and insult you every day, 24/7 and multiply that by 1000. That's what Justin Beiber gets constantly from his millions of anti fans. When asked about his feelings toward the negative comments his haters make in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Justin said that "Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself, it's funny." So if Justin Bieber is not upset by all of the negative attention he's received, then what encourages the haters? Each other.


Whenever anybody makes a Justin Bieber joke in a setting where they are surrounded by peers they are rewarded by laughter and praise, encouraging them to continue on the subject. Also, some outspoken fans of Beiber are sometimes verbally attacked or even bullied daily for being a large fan. Many fans may even avoid such ridicule by posing as a hater in order to please the crowd. So ask yourself, "Do I really think Justin Bieber is such a bad person?" So if you're a hater take a moment to ponder the things you've just read and maybe you'll gradually be able to accept the fact that picking on Justin Bieber, or anyone for that matter isn't ok, even if you're not a fan of his music, and if you're a huge fan don't be afraid to reveal it to the world, there's no shame in it. So if we can all treat Justin Bieber with respect maybe we can take away that peer pressure that's weighing us down and maybe even decrease the amount of bulling in schools. The results of one little action such as this would be like tipping a row of dominoes in the right direction.