Manny Rameriz Goods … and bads


Manny Ramirez born March 30th, 1972 has been through a lot.

Manny Ramirez born March 30th, 1972 has been through a lot. He was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, he has persevered really hard to live the American dream being a Major League Baseball Player. From a little boy he has worked hard. He came to the U.S.A's in high school and went to George Washington High School He didn't even go to college he was so good he was drafted right to the M.L.B., he played for the Cleveland Indians and got traded to the Boston red Sox. That's where he became famous.


Manny Being Manny

Manny Ramirez has been known as being a huge character. From his silly mistakes to his purposeful jokes. Once during pre inning warm ups he went into the famous Green Monster and just before the inning started he came out with a sign that said "New episode…Manny Being Manny". He has cut off the cut off before and it cost them; the guy that hit got a inside the park home run! He has rolled on top of the ball not knowing where it was underneath of him.


Manny's Hair

This may not sound like such a big deal but Manny is known for his long dreads. He didn't have them when he was playing for the Indians or part of the time when he was with the Red Sox. Every now and then he has colored streaks in his hair. He also has a big beard.



After several great years with the Red sox he got traded to The Los Angeles Dodgers. People from L.A loved him since he plays left field the put up a sign in of course left field that said Mannywood. People were a little bit hesitant to welcome him at first because all of his mistakes, But they were also really excited because he's a five time silver slugger.


Into some trouble…

When he was in L.A he got into some trouble. He was got on a random drug test they found out he was taking performance enhancing drugs. This has changed my point of him a little bit but he's still my favorite. He got a 40 game suspension for that, when he came back he just couldn't get back in the groove.


The end

Manny finally got traded away from the Dodgers to the Chicago White Sox. He has had a great career and he's still going and he has a couple more years. He has fought through a lot of stuff to go to the top I think everyone should give him props for that.