Hills, and Wars, and Fairies, Oh My!


In the book, " Under the Green Hill" written by Laura L.

In the book, " Under the Green Hill" written by Laura L. Sullivan, a sickness has swept America, and Rowan, Meg, Silly, James, Finn Fachan, and Dickie Rhys have been sent to England for the summer to stay with Rowan, Meg, Silly, and James Morgan's great Aunt Phyllida and Uncle Lysander. When they arrive, the children are warned to beware the fairies and stay on the grounds. The children fail to heed the warning, and are pulled into a sacred world that has been around since before humans.


The Green Hill is full of fairies, who have divided themselves into two courts, the Seelie's court and the Host's court. The stunningly beautiful Fairy Queen rules over the two courts, keeping peace until the Midsummer War, a war that takes place every seven years. Every living thing depends on the war. Without the war, no green thing would be green again.


Rowan has been selected to fight as the Seelie Court's champion in the Midsummer War. The Host Court's champion remains hidden. Meg tries to no avail to change Rowan's mind, but he is firmly set on fighting the fairy war. Finn and Dickie, not part of the Morgan family, feel excluded as the Morgans become involved with the fairies. Finn spies relentlessly on the fairies, while Dickie reads and learns about them with the help of the knowledgeable Wrym. As Midsummer's Eve approaches, Meg decides that she will be the Seelie Court's champion and take Rowan's place. Meg steps up to the confrontation, knowing that only one of the two champions will live. Who will be the killer and who will be the killed?


I really liked the descriptions in " Under the Green Hill". This book was very creative. There were lots of different fairies, from brownies to otter girls.


I didn't like the fact that there were four siblings (Rowan, Meg, Silly, and James) and only about 3 of them were really necessary. Silly wasn't exactly needed, and the book could have done without James. But otherwise, I really enjoyed reading this book.I would recommend this book for people who like fantasy and fairies. This book would be good for ages 9 and up.


Title: Under the Green Hill

Author: Laura L. Sullivan

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, LLC

Number of pages: 308