An Autistic Woman Proves Skeptics Wrong


An Inspirational Triumph

An Inspirational Triumph

"And the Golden Globe for 'Best Actress, Mini- Series or TV Movie' goes to….. Claire Danes, Temple Grandin." The audience immediately erupts in ear-piercing applause of Claire's well-deserved Golden Globe Award, given in regards to her portrayal as an autistic women who conquered great challenges, and refused to follow the destiny of which rude peers and clueless doctors envisioned:a destiny involving an unimpressive career, loneliness, and continuous struggles to manage the life-altering disease, scientifically known as a complex developmental disability. It begins with a severe disorder within the brain, and consequently limits the victim's communication, and social interaction skills.


Autism: Temple's Limited, and Unlimited Abilities

Throughout Grandin's generation, doctor's acquired limited information related to detecting symptoms, and specific causes of autism, yet assured the overwhelmed mother of Temple's"permanent" disability to communicate verbally. However, such sudden predictions failed to persuade Mrs. Grandin of her daughter's limitations, who, undergoing multiple trials, and errors, proved the medical data incorrect. As Temple attended multiple schools, and suffered unbearable teasing, and cruel remarks, her intelligence was revealed immediately: Temple acquired a photographic memory, allowing her to successfully memorize, and recite, an entire textbook page within a matter of seconds. Temple especially excelled with Science material, and gradually developed a machine which effectively provided the sensation of receiving hugs, yet not requiring the physical action of embracing. Autistic victims regularly experience temper tantrums if sensing touch. Despite her inconsiderate classmates'…. "misunderstandings," Temple Grandin, accepting the voluntary assistance, and encouragement of prior high school teacher, Professor Carlock, continued to pursue her academic studies, obtaining a PhD, and Bachelor of the Arts' degree in animal science. Temple gradually developed a more efficient, yet incredibly humane strategy involved in processing the cows through the feed lot, and eventually, to the slaughter house, while the multiple stockyards who adopted her exceptionally thorough system experienced great success. Dr. Grandin is currently a professor at Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Further Resources

If irresistibly curious of Temple's touching struggles, and achievements in animal science, visit If preferring credible, realistic resources, view the award-winning film which demonstrates Temple's ability to neglect the stereotypical doubts of her mentors– featuring Claire Danes, and David Strathairn. Dr. Grandin is an utterly motivational leader who has successfully demonstrated the true definition of courage, and perseverance.