Boston Terriers: A Silly Ball of Fun


This small popular dog definitely has lots of personality — the Boston Terrier.


This small popular dog definitely has lots of personality — the Boston Terrier.


You see along with my two other dogs I have this one, a spoiled rotten Boston Terrier. She is still a puppy and at her wildest, her name, Sophie. She was born March 20th, 2010, so she is currently 10 months old and like I said before at her wildest!


So..heres how it goes..every other Friday when I see her she goes wild as I walk through the door and claims me for the rest of the night with the word "play" in her head till the time I go to bed. Saturday and Sunday have a routine as well she waits patiently down stairs for two hours and when she hears, smells, and sees me come down the stairs it is as if it is the happiest day of her life jumping with joy and making the trademark Boston Terrier sounds of snorting and snuffling. Sophie is calm some of the time and still manages to be funny one of my favorites is the "sleepy eyes" when she is trying with all her might to stay awake she blinks with her eyelids heavily trying not to close. Another trait that Sophie does when she is calm is she will let you hold her in your arms and sit so still and when this does happen she could care less about getting down.


Now these are just some little things that my Boston Terrier does but here is some background information on the breed. A Boston Terrier is a cross of an English Bulldog and a White Terrier (now extinct). As you can tell makes funny noises but this is do to the fact that their muzzle is pushed in making it hard to breathe and sometimes Sophie gets a little to excited and has a "snorting attack" where she starts snorting loudly and you need to calm her down. Bostons also have are a shorthaired dog and come in varieties of colors like black and white, brown and white, brindle and white, and red and white. Typically Bostons can weigh anywhere from 13-25 pounds. This is just some background information there is more to their history than that.


Also it may seem that Boston Terriers are not a calm dog after you read about Sophie but they are Sophie is just a silly puppy who will calm down with age.


Boston Terriers are a great dog in my opinion and are fun, corky, funny, cute, and are all different in their own silly way. So if you need a family dog Boston Terriers are a great pick but like any other dog they will need to be trained. They're easy to manage and are really good with other people. However it is important to do your research on this breed to know some of its health cautions. This dog will turn your frown upside down any day and they are a wonderful dog to have.