My Name is Not Angelica


Melissa Kaiser writes, I have just read a book called…

I have just read a book called, “My Name Is Not Angelica” by Scott O’ Dell and published by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. It is 129 pages long, and a quick read. This book is about a girl named Raisha who got moved from her home, Africa, to become a slave in a different land. She gets bought with her boyfriend, Konje, and her friend, Dondo. They work at a plantation. Konje works in the field while Dondo and Raisha work in the house. At first they are treated well, but then get treated more and cruel every day. One day, Konje runs away promising to come back for Raisha as soon as there is enough food in the camp he will be going to. The rest, you have to read to find out. I would not recomend this book for younger children because it might be a little too scary for them. Instead, I would recomend this book for fifth to eighth graders. Overall, this book by Scott O’ Dell is very good and full of excitement.