Go BIG Or Go Home…


How can you have a skiing or snowboarding competition when there is no snow? First, call up Copper Mountain and get four huge snow machines.

How can you have a skiing or snowboarding competition when there is no snow? First, call up Copper Mountain and get four huge snow machines. Next, text Populous Design Firm to build you a 106 foot ramp. Last, find some extreme, adrenaline rushed skiers and snowboarders to test it out.


Denver, Colorado had the honor of hosting the 1st National United States Big Air Show. The Big Air Show consists of skiiers and snowboarders from all over the world. Skiiers were competiting against one another to see who had the sickest tricks but still had to land them, and in return, they would get medals and cash rewards. While the snowboarders were being judged for their tricks, difficulty, and originality that would go towards points to see who is the best at the World Cup. This event has been hosted in many different places such as Russia and Japan, but never in the US. There were 42 skiiers and 26 snowboarders that ranged from 16 years old and up, no females participated in this competition. (Maybe next time)


I got to take a behind the scenes tour with Jay Clark and asked him, Why did you pick Denver for this event? He said "Denver is the perfect place for such a wonderful event, this is a once in a life time event because it is the first US Big Air. I also asked how long did it take the snow machines to make all the snow? Mr. Clark said " They have been running since Jan. 20th."


All of a sudden Jay said "Are you ready to take a look up top on the ramp"? I jumped at the opportunity and up we went. What a view. I was standing right where the judges would be and had the perfect view of what all the spectators would see. I couldn't believe that the skiers and snowboards actually do this jump and land tricks from this height.


I got to ask one last question before Jay had to get back to work. How many people are you expecting for tonights snowboadring event? He said "Between 8 to 12 thousand people".


It was time to enjoy the show, so my family and I went to the free area to find the best seats in the house. Lets just say we enjoyed the show from 20 feet away of the landing ramp and saw everything perfect. I met the The Dodds Family and asked if they were enjoying the show? They said, " It is very cool to see what they did to the park and how winter still came to Denver". I also asked Eryn Rivkin and her husband what they thought of all of this? She said" Besides trying to stay warm, I can't believe all the tricks they do".


My family and I had a great time, we have never seen anything like it. It is even more fantastic to see it in person. I hope everyone around Denver got to see how big the ramp was and the wonderful light show the City and County Building of Denver put on. We may not see too much snow in the city this year, but you can still have a Big Air Show with a little help from a snow machine in our States Capital.


I would like to thank Jay Clark for his time and the great tour, The Denver Post Newspaper for the use of the 10th floor, and all the fans for making this event a big success.