It Is Clear CLEAR Is Back!!


Olivia Newcomer writes, There is a very special program that is in existence at the Denver International Airport.

There is a very special program that is in existence at the Denver International Airport. It is a company called “CLEAR”. ” It is a fast and predictable way to bypass the lines of the airport and get through security”. says Kimberly Newcomer, a CLEAR supervisor. CLEAR is very significant for the airport to stay in line. This means it helps everything that is part of security and things like that to stat in order, and be how it needs to be. You should read this message just in case CLEAR may help you in a travel emergency.CLEAR is a secure identification company, which means it works to make sure everybody is who they say they are.The purpose for CLEAR’s existence is because CLEAR helps to transform a way for members to travel. It is basically part of security.”We think we are not only making life better for our members, but we are making the world a better place.” says Caryn Siedman Becker, the CEO for CLEAR’s company.This is not the first time we have seen CLEAR. In 2010, there was a re-opening, and that caused all of CLEAR’s members joy and happiness. You see, when CLEAR shut down in 2009 because of bankruptcy, many of CLEAR’s members were depressed. They missed CLEAR. The first year CLEAR ever opened its doors was 2005.You can become a CLEAR member by paying an annual membership, supplying 2 forms of ID , and matching up your thumb prints and eye scans, also called biometrics. When you do this, and the supervisors of CLEAR are sure you are safe, you are treated to a special line in which makes going into security quicker for you.When you are not a CLEAR member, you have to wait in the regular ticketed passenger line, and that could take a very long time. Remember, CLEAR provides the most benefit for people who travel on a regular basis. So now the Denver International Airport is back on track with the company CLEAR that when brought back to “life” caused merriment. So now you know why CLEAR is so very important to our nation, and it can help us all!