The Switch to Something New


The time of the year is back where thousands of students are having to decide which school they want to be in for the next new school year.

The time of the year is back where thousands of students are having to decide which school they want to be in for the next new school year. Their time in elementary school or middle school is about to come to a closing and their future is ahead of them. Multiple kids will be going to their hometown middle school, where many of their friends will be transferring along with them, but High School can be a different story.


There are hundreds of high schools in Colorado and thousands of students in each one. There are older schools and brand new schools, schools with great sports or schools with amazing academics. So many things that one High School may offer that another one doesn't, so having to decide which one you want to spend 4 years of your life in is a huge decision. Near the end of 8th grade, high school is all on the minds of every student in the grade. All are talking about what high school they want to go to, where their friends are going, debating which school is better; its almost like friends debating which NFL football team is better than the other. Some students want a fabulous school with amazing academics so they can enter into a grand college, while others want the high school with the best soccer team in the district.


So how can you decide? School is where you make new friends, learn life skills, find the benefits of being on a team, and most importantly learning in general. High School is where you have the most fun with friends, learn who you truly are, and get one step closer to becoming an independent adult. Colleges look at your grades and test scores from High School, so it's very important to find the right high school to fit your needs.


Right now, I'm trying to decide between two major high schools, and its one of the most important things I have on my mind. I want to have great classes that can challenge me, not bore me, and be able to feel like I fit in. One high school I like has a great Mandarin Chinese class that I would love to take, but the other one has a great community feel to it that I really love. All my friends are splitting up between multiple schools, but what matters the most to me is what I want; not my friends needs. Sure, I'm going to miss all of my close friends, but I will make new ones along the way. I can't wait for high school to start, but before I can think about that I need to find what I want in a high school. Hopefully I make the right decision, and if some people disagree with me, well, its my future not theirs.


If you are in the same situation as I am, remember that you are going to be at this school for 4 years, so make sure you love to be there. Friends are friends no matter what, so if you don't go to the same school then meet up on the weekends. Making decisions when there are so many things on the line can be difficult, but whatever happens will happen and I have never been so excited in my life. Even though I don't know 100% where I want to go, lets just say "High School…Here I come!"