Do You Love to Write?


Olivia Newcomer writes, All over the world…

All over the world, children and adults idolize authors, and authors idolize developing fun character and magic in their readers imagination. On February 5, 2011, the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association hosted a Young Writers’ Festival at the big building known as the “Marriott.” When a student participated in this academic but exciting activity, each and every one of them had the opportunity to ask authors questions, and even squeeze a bit of knowledge into them!Each and every time I got to ask an author a question, they always seemed to enjoy talking to a young reader, and knowing that they had believers that would always stick to what ever they said they would. I thought that I got some really great answers. So here are just a few.When I had asked the Stevens sisters what their favorite part about being an author was, this is how they answered my question:” My favorite part about being an author is that children love my stories and illustrations, they will read them again, and they always let out a puff of laughter when they are reading.” say Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens- Crummel.Now, I did not do a question for this author, but I managed to jot down a quote from her:”Picture books are written and illustrated for people of ages zero to one hundred.” says Elizabeth Garton- Scanlon, an author for picture books.The last author I paid super well attention to was a man named Mike Thalor. He was a man who caught my eye with the two catchy quotes he told the fourth grade students. He stated:” Your imagination is a gift from God.”” When you read your brain is being exercised.”” Your imagi-nation is the most wonderful nation in the world.”Writing also encourages students to read. So think about the author in your life who has inspired your imagination to grow. Try to make your imagination to fly with stories of your own. Maybe someday, the authors you admire now, will be reading your stories in the Star Bucks in your neighborhood. If you just remember to stick to your plan, you will have triumph in anything just like the successful authors we have now in our generation!