Something simple to something Huge!


Olivia Newcomer writes, In Breckenridge…

In Breckenridge, there are some super-de-duper ice sculptures that are such mind blowing sights, they could make your eyes pop right out of their lids. So many people were in awe, that they pasted their eyes right onto the magnificent sight. You should go see the ice sculptures because once you do, you will have something to crow about wherever you go.Have you ever tried making a snow man? Do you know how long the process takes? Well, when you build a snow man, it is with snow. But with an ice sculpture, it is pretty heavy duty work. Just imagine having to shape and form each and every part of your sculpture once without any mistakes. It would take a miracle worker! Have you ever heard of the expression: You cannot get to the top of a mountain until you climb it? Well, it is the same with ice sculptures. You start with an abundance of ice chunks just laying right in front of you. I’ll bet that is pretty overwhelming. Once that is done, you have to follow some pretty complicated steps. For example, think of it as a puzzle. You can’t have your image until all of the pieces are together. So, just consider how much time and work these brilliant sculptors put into the wonderful sights we get to see. We have all worked to a pin pushing point before, but I don’t think it was as nail pounding as their work!There are many different shapes there. There is a beautiful dress that is laced, and it has all of the natural features of a ballroom gown. There is also a very catchy one that I idolize. It is a sculpture called “Cat Out Of The Bag.” It is a really cool sculpture. At night time, you get the chance to see all of the ice sculptures light up in different colors. It is beautiful.So when you have the chance, skip, hop, and jump on down to Breckenridge to see all of the beauty, excitement, and wonderful sights that nobody can get enough of!