Interview with Toni Buzzeo(modified)


At the Mariott Hotel in Denver, Colorado, an Author/Teacher's conference was held there.

At the Mariott Hotel in Denver, Colorado, an Author/Teacher's conference was held there. Over 30 authors gave presentations about English and literacy, and while there I got to interview author Toni Buzzeo!


Here are some quotes from this wonderful role model:"My husband is named Ken Cyll, and he lives with me in a beautiful house in Buckston, Main. Our son, Topher, is 28 years old, and he lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Ken built me a gorgeous writing cottage, and if you go on my website, you can see a video of it being built."


"When I was about 11, I discovered the part of the public library where the poetry books were, and I started reading poetry books like crazy! I started checking our big, big stacks of them. Then, I started copying my favorite poems into journals, and I ended up with a big stack of notebooks. Because of that, I thought, what if I could write poetry? So I started writing, and I was really good at it. So that's what started me writing."


"Some of my favorite authors are right here like Jane Kurtz, Jennifer Ward, Franny Billingsley…""First, I think that you should write a lot, even things that you might not make a story out of. If you see something, just write it down; observe.


Second, try a new genre because look at what happened for me when I tried poetry. Also, read a lot. Reading a lot is the most important thing you can do. Finally, find either some adults or friends and share your writing and give each other feedback and suggestions. When you collect their opinions, then try using their suggestions. Who knows, it could make your story a whole lot better."


Clearly, Toni Buzzeo is an amazing person and an even better writer. She believes that success and doing what you love are an important part of life!