BREATHLESS Tour Comes To Colorado…


his past weekend, The Breathless Tour visited the Highlands Ranch, Tattered Cover Book Store.

his past weekend, The Breathless Tour visited the Highlands Ranch, Tattered Cover Book Store. Colorado is very lucky to have this event because only five cities in the United States have the honor of such wonderful authors. Ally Condie, Andrea Cremer, Brenna Yovanoff, Kirsten Miller, and Beth Revis were more then happy to sign books and answer questions from their readers. Just imagine Tweens to Grandma's waiting patiently to meet these five BREATHLESS authors. I got the chance to sit down and talk to each and every author.


Ally Condie wrote the book "Matched," in the Breathless Tour. She said," I was inspired to write this book from an experience I had chaperoning a junior prom and a conversation I had with my husband, about marriage". Who knew these two experiences could lead to the award of #1 picked book on the Winter 2010/2011 Kids Indie Bookseller List. Ally explained," I didn't even think my book would get published, let alone get #1 picked. It was a huge surprise and a great honor". Mrs. Condie lives outside Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and three sons. She is a High School English teacher and an astounding author. Her next book in the trilogy is Crossed, which is coming out in November 2011. For more information or fan updates go to


Andrea Cremer wrote the book "Nightshade." I asked, What made you start writing? She said, " I always loved to write but never had the time. Until one day when I was horseback riding and something spooked the horse causing me to fall off the saddle. This caused the horse to step on my ankle, breaking it. I had to sit down all summer which gave me plenty of time to write a book. "Just think if she didn't fall off the horse we would still be waiting for her to finish the book Nightshade. Andrea is writing another book called "Wolfsbane," in the Nightshade trilogy. This is coming out in July 2011. My best friend, Lam, is a huge fan of her work; she can't wait till the next book comes out. There has been talk about the book becoming a movie, but that decision is not positive yet. For more information, check out or


Brenna Yovanoff wrote the book "The Replacement." She said," What made me want to write this book was I really don't know. I wanted to write a book, but I didn't think it was the right time". She also stated that at the age of 11 she loved to write and took up the interest in Writing/ English classes. " It wasn't until my first and second year of college, I realized I wanted to have a career in writing". Brenna lives here in Denver, Colorado. Her book was debuted #10 of the New York Bestseller. "The Replacement" is a 343 paged book, that keeps you wanting more. Her favorite book is "Jellicoe Road." For more information check out


Kirsten Miller wrote the book "The Eternal Ones." She said," My favorite type of book theme is adventure stories in which people follow characters to new and unusual worlds." Kirsten is known for the Kiki Strikes series. Kirsten stated," My favorite book is "The Westin Games" by Ellen Raskin because it is the perfect length and has the best opening paragraph." If you're a fan of "The Eternal Ones" check out


Beth Revis wrote the book "Across The Universe." She said," What caused me to write this book was I came up with a solution to a murder mystery in space and I wanted to create a problem." Her favorite book is The Chronicles of Narnia. Beth wanted to tell her readers," The truth is the most valuable thing, there are two paths, an easy path and a challenging path. Take the challenging path, it's rewards pay off better in the end." For more information check out or


After the interview there was a book signing. I got to sit down with some of the fans and asked Sara Eberl what does she think of this,"I am a book worm, so I am going to read all night long and try to finish all these good books". She had a huge pile of Breathless Tour books in her lap, I could tell she loved to read.


This is a night I will never forget, five wonderful ladies with five BREATHLESS books. l had a fantastic time and the authors made me feel like we have been friends forever. It was like sitting down with my friends and laughing about our day. I would like to thank the authors, the Tattered Cover Book Store, and my mom for letting me have her credit card to buy all these outstanding books. No matter what you like to read, the most important part is just to start. The books or stories will pull you in and do the rest.