The Shadow Project


Jensina Bailly writes, The Shadow Project is an amazing book.

The Shadow Project is an amazing book. It’s about a boy named Danny who is a thief. He used to go around stealing money from places. Then one night, he broke into the wrong house. He breaks into the HQ of the Shadow Project, where teenagers go into a second body that they can do anything in, and go on dangerous adventures, and missions. Sir Roland, the head of the Shadow Project was going to send Danny to jail, but the project soon realizes that Danny has a special gift. So for him it’s either, join the Shadow Project, and get the money he needs, or go to jail.His first mission: Find Sir Roland’s lost daughter, who is also in her second body, Opal. This book used some inappropriate words, so it should only be for ages 10 and up. The author is Herbie Brennan. There is also a second book in the series, The Doomsday Box.