New Jack in the Box is a big hit!


Christian Liley writes, Jack in the box has FINALLY opened!

Jack in the box has FINALLY opened! Its location is conveniently located in the heart of Highlands Ranch, Colorado! They have a wonderful selection of items. There are $0.99 tacos, Mini Sirloin Burgers, The Sourdough Chicken Club. Also, there are many desserts like the Chocolate Overload Cake, Mint Oreo Shakes, Vanilla, Chocolate ones an more! First up, the food. The Mini Sirloin Burgers are very good. (To my perspective!) They are aligned in a mini box of course!) Also, they have a yummy Jack’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich! My mom has had it, and she says it is the most delicious sandwich ever Finally, the desserts! The Chocolate overload cake is delicious! Also, the prices are very cheap! For everything! I have always been wanting to try Jack in the Box but I finally Did! It was delicious! They have very cheap prices, like the tacos are 99 cents, the cake is $1.99! My family likes to have their food, and I think that you will try them soon!