Percy Jackson- Round 2


"Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters" By Rick Riordan is completely a mind bender.

"Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters" By Rick Riordan is completely a mind bender. You have to keep up with everything, miss one thing and the whole book seems confusing. But that what I love about this series, nothing seems to make sense until the end.


The setting of the book is in more then one place. The main characters, Percy & Annabeth, spend the same time in each place they go. The book is based in modern New York and has 5-7 places but they all are in one huge place the Sea of Monsters, or as mortals call it, The Bermuda Triangle.


The main characters are Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Luke Castellan, and Tyson. Percy is a 13 year old boy that is a bit of a rebel. He has black hair that covers his eyes and light brown eyes. Annabeth is almost nothing like Percy. She has lived away from home since she was 7, when she ran away from home. She has medium long blonde hair and grayish blue eyes. Luke is basically a trader. I won't say much about him but I can say, he has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. A thin scar runs down the inside corner of his left eye to his jaw. Grover is a satyr, half man half goat, and is trapped on an island for most of the book. If he was not there, the book would not be there. He has curly brown hair and always wears a Rasta cap to hind his horns. Tyson is my favorite character! He is a Cyclops and they age slower then humans. He is the same age as Percy but, he acts like a 7 year old. He has short brown hair and a light brown eye. That's all the main characters but there are many more.


The plot is not clear in the beginning but that is how it is in the whole series works. Luke is trying to bring Kronos out of Tartarus by recruiting half-bloods, half mortal half god. Each one that comes to help, another piece of him comes into a dark wood coffin. He believes that the gods do not care about their children, who Percy, Annabeth, Luke, and Clarisse are, and he wants them gone. So does Kronos, and that is why Luke is against them and sided with Kronos. So it is up to Percy, Annabeth and Tyson to help save Olympus.