Do You Agree With YouTube?


Olivia Newcomer writes, All over the world…

All over the world, a popular, or well known website, has been sponsored to allow people of all ages to show the nation what they want them to see. But how risky can this site be? Can the world push this any farther?Some people find youtube helpful because of its sources. For example, the videos on educational viewing are recommended from some teachers. But YouTube can also contain vidoes that children and sometimes even adults should not view. Some people say that YouTube can be useful for singers and careers because people are able to post videos of themselves doing whatever they want people to see them doing. YouTube gets very many views a day! I was able to get the opinion of somebody everyone thinks gives excellent perspective.” It is an excellent route for people to take if they want to be noticed but people need to be careful of what they say and do,” explains Barbara Hall.Many people agree with the reasonings of you tube. You tube has driven many of the stars that are in existence today down the road to victory. Look at Justin Beiber. He went from a young boy from a small town in Canada, to this hit sensation known all over the world! Or look at Johny Smith, a fifth grader from Littleton, Colorado, who put a video of his cat on YouTube, got a million hits, and is going to see Ellen. But just because our every day pop stars agree with the rules of You Tube, that doesn’t mean that the world doesn’t push our privacy to a limit. Just think about your perspective and whatever you believe, know that anything you choose should be fresh and your own!