Becky Ditchfield, an Amazing Meteorologist


Becky Ditchfield is one of the 9News meteorologists. I can tell meteorologists go through quite a bit besides being on T.V. every fifteen minutes.

Becky Ditchfield is one of the 9News meteorologists. I can tell meteorologists go through quite a bit besides being on T.V. every fifteen minutes. The first step in her daily routine is to get to the studio at four a.m. When she arrives she already has her hair and make-up done because 9 News doesn't offer personal hair stylists. Second, she has to check the weather models (a device that does a math equation to find out the temperatures in different cities) to update the weather on the 9 News website. Next, she has to plan out her forecast and what she's going to say on T.V. After all that, Becky has to build her graphics (visually show the forecast). Fifth, she gets on the radio to do the weather for some stations. Then, Becky records her newscast for the Today Show. While doing all this, Becky remains in the mix on T.V. As you can see she does not get a break!


Since she was a little girl, growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Becky was terrified of thunderstorms. She was driving home from high school one day and knew it was going to be very stormy out. Becky was thinking and thought it would be interesting to learn how thunderstorms happen. That's when a spark for meteorology went up in her head. She told her mom about it and looked it up on the computer. Years later her friend helped her apply for an internship at a news station in St. Louis even though she didn't want to be in front of the cameras. After a few times Becky finally decided she would like to be on T.V.


Becky's strong subjects in high school were calculus and physics. Due to these strengths she decided to look into Meteorology for a major in college. She earned a B.S. degree in Meteorology from Valparaiso University in Indiana. Becky has minors in both mathematics and broadcasting and belongs to both the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association.


Becky would like to see more girls get into science, math and meteorology. "It's always been difficult to get females interested in science. For me, it was always my mom and dad were really big math and science people. I think that's where I got my interest from…it's true even in the classes I took in college that were math and science based there were not many girls that were in the class with me."


Although Becky gets a little bored after reporting the forecast about fifty two times by the end of her day, she still likes to be on T.V. To stop this from happening, she tries to change each presentation of the forecast and make it a little different, but she doesn't change any of the facts she puts in.


Being a meteorologist is not as easy as one might think. When analyzing the weather models and formulating her forecast Becky has to measure water content, temperatures, moisture and think about things like geography and time. The weather models can vary and that's why the forecast can occasionally be off. Sometimes people think Becky is wrong because they didn't hear the whole forecast. "A lot of people get angry at us thinking that we just threw out these numbers and we just don't care and that's not the case. It's probably more frustrating for me to miss a forecast than it is for everybody else that's out there living it, because not only did I miss it and I take pride in the kind of forecast I put forward, but then I have to live in it whether I missed it or not."


She enjoys going on walks with her Golden Retriever and making jewelry. Becky's big on home improvement jobs, so much so that she just finished completely remodeling their kitchen by hand. Becky does pretty cool things outside of meteorology. One humorous fact is that Becky gets calls from brides asking about the weather for their big day four months in advance. What the brides don't know is the more you go into the future, the less accurate the forecast can be.


Another interesting thing about Becky is that she has monitors all around her, so she doesn't forget what she's pointing at. The weather map is not like a mirror, if she points right it shows her pointing left. Becky also has to be a multi-tasker. She's talking, pointing and someone is telling her stuff through an ear piece all at the same time! Her producer is telling her how much time she has to wrap it up. As you can see it is not easy to be a meteorologist!