Karana Faces Challenges You Would Not Believe!


You have all heard of the John Newbery Award winning author named Scott O' Dell.

You have all heard of the John Newbery Award winning author named Scott O' Dell. Well, the classic story " Island of the Blue Dolphins" was a one of them and was a great heart racer you would not believe!


In this story a young girl named Karana was abandoned on the Island Of the Blue Dolphins, her home, and is left with her brother until he decides he is a grown up, tries to leave by himself, and gets eaten by wild dogs. The wild dogs belonged to the Aleuts, another tribe that had killed many people of Karana's family by having a war over the island. Some wild dogs are left behind, and you might find this part important to know later on. Now Karana is growing up and is maturing very much.


Her attitude has changed with all of the responsibilities she has taken on. Karana builds a house, takes sick or injured animals under her wing, and much more. Later on, Karana adopts a wild dog who was the leader of the wild dogs pack, and takes him home with her. She names him Rontu. Later on Aleuts came and went, but only in the summer did they appear on the island. Wanting the Aleuts to be absentminded about her being on the island, Karana made a little fence and hid inside a cave with Rontu. Only rarely did Karana leave to fetch some water and food. Karana had later made friends with one of the Aleut girls.


Soon an earthquake has struck the island and does little damage, thought Karana had been out in it, and she had been sore soon after. Karana must face new challenges and with that, you must read the book to find out what will happen next.


I recommend this book to higher level readers who like books that plant your eyes on the pages! I like this story because it makes you excited. There are so many interesting things. and like I said, you won't be able to put the book down!