Why Do We Have To Take All These Tests?


Hannah Skurcenski writes, It’s that time of year again, major tests.

It’s that time of year again, major tests. CSAP (Colorado Student Assessment program) is designed to evaluate how well students are getting taught and how well the teachers are teaching the standards for that grade. It is only given to students in public schools. CSAP is given to kids in 3rd- 10th grade and there is a math, reading, writing, and science CSAP. They are taken in the spring semester during the year and are in early February- late March.CSAP is graded with the numbers 1-4, 4 being advanced, 3 meaning proficient, 2 being partially proficient and 1 meaning unsatisfactory. Schools are rated by the average grades of all of the CSAP takers in that school. It is taken for about 1- 1 ½ hours.To get a good grade in CSAP, you should get a good night’s sleep; at least 8 hours. You should also have a good breakfast in the morning to keep your full attention. Drink lots of water and have a positive attitude for the test.To make sure you get the right answer to a CSAP question, you need to read the directions carefully. If it is a multiple choice question, even if you think you found the correct answer choice, read all of the choices before you fill it in. But the biggest thing to get the right answer is to CHECK YOUR WORK!!!!!