Don’t overlook books from the old days


There are many new books but not a lot of people stop to read books from the old days.

There are many new books but not a lot of people stop to read books from the old days. Some books like this may entail "Lady Lollipop," "Island of the Blue Dolphins," "Ramona the Brave," and lots more.


"Lady Lollipop," by Dick King-Smith is a cherished story for young children and is a bucket full of laughs. This story is about a greedy princess named Penelope who gets her own way whenever she wants something. When Penelope insists she gets a pig for her birthday, the king commands every pig owner and trainer to arrive at the palace with their pig on the day of the princess' birthday. Penelope chose the most raggedy, and thin pig, and his owner ends up training the pig to be house trained. While doing this, the owner tames Penelope's attitude, and you are in for a big surprise in the end! I recommend this story for children who like humor and entertaining stories.


Another old story is called "Island of the Blue Dolphins," by Scott O' Dell. This book is a John New berry award winning story. The outline of the story is about when a young girl named Karana who is left behind on her family's island. Along the way, she has to face challenges, mature, and she ends up becoming friends with an Aleut girl. I recommend this story for accelerated readers who like stories that make you afraid to turn the next page.


"Ramona and Beezus" is a true classic for all ages. This book was written by Beverly Cleary. This story tells about adventurous little girl, who never cares what anybody thinks about her. Ramona's older sister Beezus thinks she is a big pest but Ramona knows she isn't. When Ramona is entering a new grade, her rival Susan tries to take Ramona's confidence about herself. Worse than that, Ramona's father looses his job and….. Well, I guess you're going to have to read "Ramona the Brave" to find out. I would recommend this story to children and adults of all ages because of its humor and love between the family.


Those are some old stories that you should read in your free time because they are truly amazing stories.