Mars Needs Moms: A Futuristic Movie


Abe Lamontagne writes, How can you visit Mars? Easy.

How can you visit Mars? Easy. Just go see Mars Needs Moms.In this movie, Milo is annoyed with his mom. “Take out the trash. Eat your broccoli.” Right, right. In the middle of the night, Milo decides to talk to his mom. He enters his mom’s room and finds that his mom is missing, although there are some lights outside. Milo goes out and runs after the lights and discovers a spaceship. He starts banging on the spaceship.During launch, Milo is tossed inside the ship. He finds himself on Mars, where he is in jail. Milo bangs on the jail door and is let out, and very soon finds himself in the midst of lots of trash. He is greeted by Martians who do not understand English. Milo is then rescued by Gribble, a crazy human who got stuck on Mars. He learns that he has less than 7 ½ hours to save his mom. Can Milo save his mom?To animate this movie, real people were used. The cast wore black suits (infrared sensors) and black dots all over their face (also infrared sensors). They did what the character does in the movie, and the infrared camera caught the movement, and the computer did the rest. It figured out which infrared sensor was which, and changed the movement into 3D pictures in a 3D world. The only place animated only by the computer is the eyes and the inside of the mouth. Therefore, the person doing the part could have their eyes fixed ahead of them, perhaps even reading their lines, and you wouldn’t see it in the movie. You can see some examples in the credits of the movie.I would recommend this movie for anyone 7 and up. Rated PG, this movie has some violence and scary parts for small children. Although this violence happens, there are also some large laughs. This is not a movie to be missed.I learned about this at the movie: If you are disappointed that you can’t actually visit Mars, then you are in luck. You can go to Mars by entering your name at Your name will be put on a microchip going to Mars on the Mars Rover.