A book about the worlds children-fantastic!


"This Child Every Child – A Book About the World's Children," by David J.

"This Child Every Child – A Book About the World's Children," by David J. Smith tells about many aspects of children's lives world-wide using statistics and stories to get the point across that all children are alike in some ways, but different in others. For example, did you know that every second of every day, four more children are added to the world's population of over 2.2 billion children?


In one section, about families, there are stories of two children – one who is used to being on his own, and one who is used to be around family members all of the time.


In addition to families, the book covers topics like work, play, and school, in addition to many others. As readers will discover, there are striking disparities in the way children live. Some children lack opportunities that others take for granted. What is it like to be a girl in Niger? How are some children forced into war? How do children around the world differ in their home and school lives? "This Child, Every Child" answers such questions and sets children's lives against the rights they are guaranteed under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


This was a very interesting read, although not a very satisfying one; I would recommend this to young readers, ages 9-12, especially those are curious about other places and cultures. You can read it in one session, or, because of the the way the book is organized, you can read a section, pause for a day or so to think about what you've read. This is a book that I would read again, and maybe one that I would turn to as a resource for a report, defiantly a good read!