A True Love…


Bethany, Ivy, and Gabriel were sent from Heaven to earth, on a mission. They are angels with all different personalities.

Bethany, Ivy, and Gabriel were sent from Heaven to earth, on a mission. They are angels with all different personalities. Bethany is the main character in the book; she is the most human of all the angels in heaven. Ivy was a healer and a great big sister to Beth. Gabriel was an intelligent warrior that acted like a mature older brother to both of his sisters. Together they were sent to a small calm town called Venus Cove. The world has fallen under the influence of darkness and it was their job to bring it back to the light of heaven, connecting them back to the leader and good with in them.


Why were we sent here? This is the question the three of them wondered throughout the book. All three of them tried to blend in as much as possible. Being an angel you didn't really need to take care of your body, but now being in human form they need to take care of their bodies and blend in to the natural habits of a human. Of course no one knew they were angels, so they had to act like humans. Going to school was the first habit to blending in. Beth was a teenager, so she needed to go to high school; she attended Bryce Hamilton High School. Gabriel, since being a talented musician, he took the job of being a music teacher. Ivy started programs for charity and got the whole town participating in these events. Beth fell under the spell of a normal teenager spending time with friends (Molly) and doing homework. Xavier Woods was a great straight A student and a star athlete. Every girl loved him but he had no feelings for love with any of them, until Beth showed up. They were made for each other, soul mates. It was real love. Gabriel and Ivy disapproved of boyfriend interaction with Xavier, so she pretended to break up with him and lie to them about what really happened. Xavier and Beth would die without each other but would he still love her if he new the truth? Will falling in love hurt the mission? What would happen if Beth went back home (Heaven) without Xavier? Is all this part of the plan? You have to read the book to find out!Halo is a book you'll read again and again, by Alexandra Adornetto.


I recommend this book to ages 12 and up. It genre is a romance with a twist of darkness. This book shows how powerful love is, shows what responsibility means, and shows the life of an angel. If you're a Hunger Game reader you will love this book, due to love is the key power. This book reading level is meant for 6th graders and up. I rated it a 5/5 stars because I could never put the book down even if that meant I didn't sleep just to read another chapter. Warning: parents you might have sleepy kids due to they would read this book all night to see what happens next. This book is 484 pages, but, it will keep you wanting more.