Oh! No! Socks!


"Socks" by Beverly Cleary is a very interesting story! This book's genre is realistic fiction.

"Socks" by Beverly Cleary is a very interesting story! This book's genre is realistic fiction. This amazing book would probably be a great book for girls who like cats. The main character in the story is a kitten named Socks. Socks can also be a sad book for kitten lovers.


The book has some blood in it. Socks gets hurt and he starts to bleed. Socks does not always make the right decisions just like people. People should try to be their best, but no one is perfect.


The word choice can be difficult to read. "Socks" by Beverly Clary tells about a kitten named Socks who was always loved and adored by his owners and many others. Suddenly a baby comes into the family named Charles William. Socks' fame goes flying in the dust. An uncle comes to Socks' house to see the baby, but he looked at Socks and said ''don't you think your cat is getting fat?''And after hearing those words, Socks' owners instantly put him on a diet! Socks would do anything to get food. He would even trip people when they were holding baby Charles William. He would finally get a little bit of food every day,but he felt like he was always starving! Socks became very upset.


One night Socks was hungry, so he thought he would go outside and look in his bowl to see any food had been left in it. A neighbor's cat was very mean to Socks. When Socks went to look outside, he saw the mean stingy cat munching on his food he was very angry!. He got himself into a fight and got hurt! Socks ran into the house as fast as his legs could carry him.


The book "Socks" has many sad events in it, so 4th grade and older kids should read Socks. "Socks" by Beverly Cleary, has a good message in it. One of the messages of this book is to not treat your cat like garbage, and to love and care for them when change happens.


I think you will love this book. Have a great time reading it!