Anabella Clancy writes, Come on The Adventure!

Come on The Adventure!!Boxcar Children Surprise Island by Gertrude Chandler Warner is a type of book where a hole adventure will start, it is a book where the setting is always outdoors and sometimes indoors. Surprise Island is the second book of the box car children series, there are 19 books in the series. From my of point of the book it is a great interesting book to read. Surprise Island by Gertrude Chandler Warner tells about Four children named Henery, Benny, Jessie, Violet spending the summer at a island, and they have a cousin that they don`t know about until the middle of there adventure. Surprise Island teaches you lessons that are that a lot of people learn from.This book will give details that you can imagine in your head or fell like you in the story.As the adventure goes on you might know the things they discover and you may not and that is okay. This book is recommended for 9 years old between 12 years old, if wanting anyone younger to read this book he or she needs to have a parent to help them understand what there reading and the complex words that they use. This story is full of exploring and full of but most of all it is enjoyable to read. Please come on the adventure.