Carien Hoogwater writes, Mathemagic! NumberTricks is very interesting.

Mathemagic! NumberTricks is very interesting. Not only does it show you tricks, it also explains how they work. There are many interesting tricks in this book. The steps are easy to follow and easy to understand. I recommend this book to 3rdto 6th graders.Here is one trick you might want to learn. It is called TwoTrue.1.Ask each member of the audience to think of a secret number. 2.Tell them to add 4 to their secret number, then multiply the sum by 4.3.Now ask your audience to subtract 8 and to divide by 4.4.Give them some time to work out their new number.5.Then tell them to subtract their original secret number from their new number.6.Tell them to concentrate on this final number. Shout “Mathakazam, you are thinking of the number two!”The book has many illustrations. They are fun to look at and nicely colored. They show young magicians doing tricks with numbers.This book is written by Lynda Colgan and illustrated byJane Kurisu.Along with the tricks sometimes the book gives you a SECRET TO SUCCESS. It gives you a tip to make the trick better. This is a good book when you like to surprise your audience with Math and Magic. It might even help you to get a magical grade for math at school.