Pork Loin Roast- Yum Yum!


Olivia Newcomer writes, Have you ever tasted the chewy, juicy, tender Pork Loin Roast?

Have you ever tasted the chewy, juicy, tender Pork Loin Roast? Well, if you have not, this is the perfect chance for you to experience the feeling of your taste buds waltzing across your tongue. This is the perfect meal for a special occasion, holidays, and days you just feel like you need to taste sensation.To make this recipe, you will need:3/4 cups water3 tablespoons soy sauce4 pounds pork loin roast3 tablespoons of crushed or diced garlic1 package lipton onion soupStep By Step Instructions:First, snatch a crock pot from your kitchen. After you have prepared yourself and your crock pot, add your 3/4 cups water, the 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, and the 1 package of lipton onion soup to your crock pot and mix well. After you have done this, carefully place the 4 pounds of pork loin roast into the crock pot with the fat side facing up. (*Hint- You should cut off some of the fat before placing the pork in the crock pot.) After placing the roast in the pot, spread your garlic on top of the roast. This may leave a strong garlic smell. Next, you must cover the roast and cook it on low temperature for 6 to 7 hours, or until you feel it is done. (*Hint- It is easier to cook during the day rather than over night!) When the roast has finished cooking, wait until it has cooled, and begin tasting luxury!