Lets get ready to RUMBLE….


Have you ever been to a BJJ tournament? This past weekend, Colorado Springs hosted the Colorado State Championships in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a mouth full to say.

Have you ever been to a BJJ tournament? This past weekend, Colorado Springs hosted the Colorado State Championships in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a mouth full to say. This event took place in the gym of Ramparts High School. Hundreds of people were competing to win their division.


There were two different types of matches, gi and no gi (uniform on or off). The rules were simply, but technique helped you score the most points. Points were awarded for takedowns, knee on belly, sweeps, guard passes, mount, and back control. Competitors ranged from 6 years old and up. Everyone was separated by weight, age, and belt divisions. You were assigned a rink to compete in. In this rink, there was a judge and score keepers. If you won your first match, you would move on to the next round but if you didn't win, your match was finished. You can win by having the most points at the end of the time or making your opponent tap out. After the rules were explained, the competition started.


My journey started out by walking in the front door of Rampart High School, excited, but somewhat worried. I met up with my team while we looked at our division list. To our surprise, due to the lack of competitors in our division, they moved us into a different categories. Joe and I were put in 13 to 18 age division. I am only 13 and weigh less then my opponents by at least 20 pounds at the minimum. Well, the only thing I could do was try my best.


Our match kicked off right away, it went so fast that I realized it was my turn. The guy I was facing was 18, a foot and half taller than me, and weighed 25 pounds more. Not the odds I wanted to start off with. My coach, teammates, and family surrounded the ring and cheered me on. I took him down in seconds, which received me points. We were counting down the last minute, we both had points but I was ahead. I could win this if I don't get tapped out. As soon as I thought that, he took my arm in an Americana. My left arm goes that way but as soon as he moved his hips and got a better grip, my arm was behind my head. Tap, Tap, TAP. I tapped, I lost. We shook hands and I went out of the rink to my mom and team. They told me great job.


I started to feel a sharp and horrible pain in my left shoulder. Thank goodness the Denver Chiropractic was there, I popped my rotator cup out and had to have it put back in. After that, it started to feel a lot better. The worst part about this injury was I could of had another chance to compete for 3rd. Now I have to rest my arm for at least one week. One thing you may notice about this sport is not a lot of girls or women compete. But at this State Championship, I saw about 15 young women out there showing they can do it. Even though we may be paired up with the males, we are giving it our ALL.


It's not a sport for everyone, but if you love the martial arts field, give it a try. Who knows you may love it like I do. My team, which consists of Anthony, Gerry, Joe, Zach, Corbin, Dustin, and I. We all did really well. Gerry took first in adult gi, Zach took 2nd in teen no gi and first in teen gi, Joe took 2nd in teen gi, and Corbian took second in adult gi . I can't wait for next time. I'm going to win it. For more info about this sport or if you just want to give it a try, check out www.futokan.com I love this MMA school.