Ready, Set, Splash!


Adam Hangland writes, The Brighton Oasis is a new water park that is opening around June 4, 2011.

The Brighton Oasis is a new water park that is opening around June 4, 2011. Prepare your water toys kiddies! There is going to be a 0 depth pool and play structure with miniature slides and fountains! It looked really fun and perfect for playing on. The older kids and teens will enjoy the 40 ft. tube and flume slides, the lazy river, water basketball, wave pool, and diving board. A concession stand that will sell pizza, hot dogs, nachos, chicken tenders, ice cream, chips, candy, and fountain drinks will also be available at the park. The capacity of the park is 500 people. It is being built by Pinkard Construction and costs approximately 5.3 million.While on a hardhat tour of the park with Jeffrey Hulett, Recreation Manager of the City of Brighton, I got a chance to look at the park from the top of the forty foot slide tower. The view from up there was great! I could see to the mountains easily! From the top of this engineering feat, I had a bird’s eye view of the entire construction site. Up there, I watched a crane hoist a taco shaped piece of slide and attach to the rest yellow flume slide. I saw everything from the pump room to the inside of the locker rooms and it clearly took many workers and much planning to complete this project.Now that you know what it looks like, you need to know how they came up with the name and logo. This clever name, Brighton Oasis, was decided through a contest open to Brighton residents. “The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board decided on a combination of two of the leading suggestions to form the name Brighton Oasis,” says Jeffrey Hulett. Then Bjorn Productions, a local graphic artist, made the logo. This awe-inspiring water park is a short drive from Denver in a city called Brighton. Non-residents are welcome to visit.You’ll want to stay cool and hang out with friends during the summer, so I suggest you check it out! I guarantee you that you’ll love the experience. For information on directions, pricing, and hours of operation go to .