Cast A Line: A Day For Fun and Fishing


Reagan Tate writes, Environmental Learning forKids'(ELK) a Denver-based…

Environmental Learning forKids'(ELK) a Denver-based, 501(c)3 organization was established in 1996 to introduce and educate Colorado’s urban youth about science, math, leadership and careers. Casta Line, ELK’s annual fundraiser is more than just a day of fishing. Casta Line is a way to promote ELK and to raise money for the organization to buy equipment and allow ELK to teach kids, who may have never been outside the city, to fish and to learn about nature and science. Cast a Line is a family event for fishermen of all skill levels. In addtion to fishing there was a catered lunch from Bennet’s Barbeque and a raffle with many fishing related prizes. All of the participants got to keep their fishing poles and up to two of the fish they caught. The lake was stocked with Rainbow Trout, Big Mouth Bass, Catfish and Bluegill. Some of the people I interveiwed said this about Cast a Line, “A good way to learn patience, a way to learn new skills and also to get kids off of the couch and from in front of the TV.” -Barbra Davis- “It teaches you patience and it makes you feel like you’ve acommplished something. I like the moral of fishing.” -Nya Wallace- “It helps kids with scholarships and is like a fund raiser.” -Nico Varis- “It is a great way for kids to learn about their ecosystem.” -Archie Channey- The fishing day was amazing. Even though it was cold and wet that didn’t stop all of the ELK members from coming out and having a wonderful time!