Read for someone


Why don't kids read as much as they used to?

Why don't kids read as much as they used to? Well sure, we read our text messages, we read Facebook status' and twitter updates, we read the new high score that shows up on the screen while we play Mario Kart or COD, but you don't see kids picking up a book and actually reading. Maybe it's because all the new technology, but we can still find ways to read the traditional style. Some younger kids will read to a live pet or a stuffed animal, they will read to their parents, also. As teenagers we will only read when a teacher requires it…sometimes.


Not me, I read to a lady, known as, Jannie Morrison. She has an eye problem that makes it really difficult for her to read. I will read her Christmas letters to her or anything she wants me to do.


Lately, I have been reading a book typed up by her neighbor's sister. It is a story about their family during World War II. The author lived with her brothers and she gives entries about their experiences serving in the war and what she would do at home during the days. I think it's kind of neat to read about that because I am learning about the war and events that happened during that time period in school. So I know what was happening but now I am also seeing how it affected the people who actually lived through it.


This is a great experience for me because it's more than me just showing up, reading, and leaving. We are becoming closer every time I go. We can have actual conversations about our lives and other current events. This is also a great way to serve in the community. I am exposed to more, including building a relationship with someone I wouldn't have otherwise met, than if I hadn't had said, "Sure, I can do that" when my youth director asked me to do this. I have enjoyed serving in the community in other ways and this on-going commitment is very worthwhile to me.