Memorial Day is for remembering and family fun


Here's how some youth reporters plan to celebrate Memorial Day this year:

Here's how some youth reporters plan to celebrate Memorial Day this year:

During Memorial Day, my family and I usually go for a hike in the Mountains. Then we come home, and have a big BBQ with all of my family that lives in Denver. We like to just do what we feel like on Memorial Day, and have fun. – Jensina Bailey, Denver


Memorial Day is a giggle-stuffed day for my family and me. Each year we visit the neighborhood pool, create a new bizarre game, and play it. This is fun in one particular way, because, with really jazzed up imaginations, we can forge the most outrageous water games ever heard of! One favorite is Shark Attack, a dunking game. After the novelty of new games wears out, we use old favorites like Marco Polo. – Mandy Billups, Arvada


Every Memorial Day weekend, my extended family gathers on the western slope and we have a pool party and BBQ. My whole family comes and we have a lot of fun and catch up with everyone. – Rebecca Bloomfield, Colorado Springs


On Memorial Day, my family often goes to the beach in South Carolina. We get to see family we don't often see like my Aunts, Uncles, and even my Grandma. We get to go to the beach and relax. Last year, on Memorial Day weekend, my Aunt and Uncle got married and I was the Junior Bride's maid in their wedding. I love spending Memorial Day in South Carolina with all my family! – Anna Brandner, Commerce City


Every Memorial Day, my family sends letters to our friends who have lost loved ones in the war. We send them a card with a hopeful message inside, and always use an American Flag stamp. We always include in the card, 'He/she died doing what they love.' We have many friends with brave siblings, children and parents who gave their lives fighting for this country. We hope that these cards provide at least a little happiness and help fill the hole in their heart. – Joey Dearing, Denver


In my family we go to the cemetery to visit my great-grandfather. He was a veteran in the Korean War. We place flowers and a flag at his grave. Its a way of honoring him and saying thank you even though I never got to meet him. -Catie Giraldes, Parker


Memorial Day is a day we celebrate, remember, and thank everyone in the military services. My great-grandpa, Thomas Edwards, is the person my family remembers during Memorial Day. He fought in the Korean War which lasted from 1950 through 1953. He made America proud and his family even prouder. He came home to his wife, Beverly, my great-grandma, and his new daughter, Vicky. I want to follow in his footsteps and take a career in the military, starting at the Air Force Academy. – Dannika Harris, Lakewood


Every year during Memorial Day weekend my family goes to Manassa to see my grandfather's grave and put flowers on it. My grandmother lives nearby and always comes with us to where he is buried. We stay at a hotel before Memorial Day, so we talk about my grandfather. Since he died before I was born, I can only imagine what he was like using the stories that my family shared with me. – Melissa Kaiser, Westminster


My family's' Memorial Day tradition is to go to the Bolder Boulder 10K. My family has gone to the Bolder Boulder for 32 years. It doesn't matter if we run or not, the entire family goes. Watching the other runners, meeting up with friends, and the expo afterwards all make it worthwhile to get up at 4:00 a.m. Both my brother and I will compete in it this year. It's a great family experience! – Melissa Riley, Centennial


On Memorial Day, my family always has a BBQ. My dad smokes brisket, ribs, and lots of other food. We invite friends over to celebrate the beginning of summer and to honor the U.S. soldiers who fought in the war. Everyone plays games outside and has lots of fun! On Memorial Day, we also celebrate my sister's birthday. – Hannah Skurcenski, Centennial


Our family celebrates Memorial Day by going out to the cemeteries and putting flowers on my grandmother's brothers' graves who were veterans and my grandfather's parents' graves. We also cook out with a lot of our family and friends and just enjoy spending the day together. – Reagan Tate, Denver


Last year on Memorial Day my family and I went to Boulder for a popular 10K run called the Boulder Boulder! I watched but this year I am running with over fifty thousand others. The race is fun for runners and spectators too!! At the end of the race there is a jet flyover and a skydiver with an American flag in honor of Memorial Day. There is plenty of food and fun!! It is the best way to celebrate Memorial Day; in my opinion! – Lauren Zitti, Ft. Collins