Kung Fu Panda 2 Punches You in the Face With 3-D


Gavin Pero writes, If you thought Kung Fu Panda was epic, wait until you see the sequel!

If you thought Kung Fu Panda was epic, wait until you see the sequel! In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po, played by the all time favorite actor Jack Black, needs to save Kung Fu from the evil Lord Shen. Lord Shen is making an army of cannons to blow down China and defeat Kung Fu forever. When Po sees a certain mark on one of the wolves’s shoulder blade armor, it jogs his memory of where he really came from. Po gets better at Kung Fu by learning new skills from Master Shifu that ultimately give him the powers he needs to save China. The fun characters from the first movie are back along with some new ones. I liked how that even in the action scenes, it was really funny, especially the facial expressions. The fighting scenes were really exciting with many fast and detailed movements. They slow it down at some parts so that you can see everything without it being blurry. On his journey, Po tries to find out as much as he can about where he came from. Along the way, Po finds out the origins for his love of food. We meet his father, a restaurant owner, who found cute baby Po eating radishes from a basket in one of the food deliveries. I tried to think of my favorite part, but the entire movie was very well done. Even with all the Kung Fu, it’s still good for young ages. Kung Fu Panda 2 is rated PG.