Jake Ransom & The Howling Sphinx


Kelsey Campbell writes, This book is a master piece with a twist.

This book is a master piece with a twist. To fully understand it, you might find it useful to read the first book, but lucky for me I have a friend who let me barrow the first book. The book is told in third person but the narrator mostly sticks with what Jake is doing or feels. The book starts on a sort of boring but soon takes off after a few pages and you cant stop reading. The book is best for preteens and teens ages 11-15. These ages seem to understand the book the best, but the older you get the more your brain will understand. With each word the book continue to drag you along for the ride of your life. As I read, I felt the air around me turn into the scene I was reading. James Rollins can really describe the emotion in the air. The book is and should be on everyone’s Summer Read List! Perfect for reading outside or on a long flight in California, which is were I did most of my reading for this book. I loved the very beginning of this book, its like a new friend has invited you to their home and something bad has happened right there and then. When I read the last words, I immediately started it over, as I think everyone else would too! So for my over all opinion on this book, a must read!