J.K. Rowling Counts Down to a Special Announcment


Julia Foran writes, Calling all Harry Potter fans!

Calling all Harry Potter fans!! We are all waiting anxiously for the Harry Potter finale on July 15th, but there is something more to be excited about. J.K. Rowling has conjured up a mysterious website called pottermore.com. When you arrive at the website all you see are two owls and a banner that says “Coming Soon” and J.K.’s signature. When you click on one of the owls, it leads you to her YouTube channel. These sites have a countdown to when J.K. Rowling will make an important announcement and unveil her website. Her spokeswoman revealed that the site has nothing to do with a new book or the upcoming movie. She will reveal her announcement on Wednesday the 23rd of June. For now, all we can do is wonder. There have been no clues as to what it might be, so we’ll be in for a surprise! What do you think the site will be? Visit www.pottermore.com to see the mysterious site.