The Death By…


Do you ever wear bikini, Denim clothing, or drink a Latte? Well, those items are the easiest way to end up dead.


Do you ever wear bikini, Denim clothing, or drink a Latte? Well, those items are the easiest way to end up dead.


Aphra Connolly lives with her father on an exclusive vacation island. Rich and famous people stay here, but you wouldn't think they would hide here. It started as a normal day, Aphra was assigned to meet a new guest on the land pad. Frank, ( the pilot), brought in the new guest named Hisako. Hisako was a Japanese woman with the mother-like emotions, so sweet and innocent.


Later that night, the Smiths show up, the Smiths contain Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their son Adam. Aphra's father spoke with the husband Smith and his faced paled after their conversation. He gave them villa 4 room, but it was not finished being remodeled yet. So why did he gave him that room? I can't take this, Aphra said to her dad because he mysteriously started treating her like a bad little kid. She stormed out the door to her favorite place in the world, the water. In the water the waves sweep her away, so Adam, the son of the Smiths jumps in after her and ended up getting himself in trouble, together Adam and Aphra, ride the waves into shore, but Aphra gets cut on the rocks coming in. Together they lay on the beach, Adam and Aphra start to talk and it is love at first sight.


The next day Hisako and Aphra take a walk and when they arrive at the beach Bianca, (girlfriend of famous guest), lays dead on the beach hung by her bikini. Aphra hears the tree behind her move, and there behind it is Mr. Smith. Did he kill Bianca? After seeing other mysterious acts the Smiths do, Aphra investigates and ends up getting into a new story of her life.


Through this series Aphra will realize what her mom does for a living and why she left Aphra. Clue by clue, Aphra meets new friends or enemies to guide her on the mystery path of the Smiths. This is the start of Aphra's future.


Linda Gerber has shown a new type of mystery. The series consists of The Death by Bikini, Latte, and Denim. I would rate these books 5/5 stars because it pushes the love action and mystery past the limit. Readers 12 and up will not put this book down. If you're a person looking for a love story with a twist of mystery and action, then this is the book for you.


Remember, bikinis are the quickest way to end up dead. So if you don't want to end up like Bianca then this should be your first summer reading book. Perfect for summer beach trips and the summer mood.

After "The Death By Bikini" book, be sure to check out "Death by Latte" and "Death By Denim."