Dive Into History With “The Help”


"The Help" is perhaps the best, most awakening book I've read.


"The Help" is perhaps the best, most awakening book I've read.


Based in Jackson, Mississippi, "The Help," written by Kathryn Stockett, takes place in the 1960s, in the early years of the civil rights movements. Back then, there was a distinct separation between the "coloreds" and the "whites". The whites were thought to be superior, and therefore dominated over the colored race. The coloreds were separated from the whites, in everything. They had their own separate bathrooms, drinking fountains, housing communities, and so on. And their lives were also much, much harder.


This book tells the story of a threesome: Minny, Skeeter, and Aibileen. Aibileen and Minny are two colored maids, who represent the "help" and the hardships they face. Eugenia Phelan, otherwise known as Skeeter, is a white woman who lives under constant pressure from her friends and mother. Together, these three seemingly different people join to write a risky secret that may just put all of their heads on the line.


I found this book extremely real and down to earth. It showed me the other side of the story, the one that wasn't euphemized. It was written clean and well, without glazing over the nastier parts of that time in history. I recommend this book to teenagers and adults, because there is some mature content in this book, but it is appropriate for both guys and girls. Overall, everyone should read this book at some point in time, because it is a very eye-opening experience.